Criminal law services is one of Landing’s global core business. Landing aims to provide global clients with professional services for criminal defense, criminal charges and criminal compliance in different legal fields. Landing’s Criminal law team is comprised of many senior partners, and Chinese and international lawyers with rich experience in the criminal law field. The Criminal Law team not only has rich experience in the fields of traditional crime, cybercrime, economic crime, enterprise and entrepreneurs’ criminal legal risk prevention, embezzlement, environmental pollution crime, mixed criminal and civil cases, etc. in Mainland China, but can also provide professional criminal legal services in China and foreign countries in several languages. The team focuses on communication and sharing, helps bridge cultural differences of different countries and regions, and constantly increases business research & development levels and the quality of case handling through its internal in-depth communication and professional cooperation with other departments. The team members come from some of the top Chinese and international law schools, and provide high-quality criminal legal services. Many lawyers have experience working in public security, procuratorate, People’s courts, and other organs, and can provide different perspectives with respect to the cases. 

The specific services include:

  • Serving as the advocate of the criminal suspects and defendants during the investigation, prosecution review, trial and death penalty review, etc., in criminal proceedings

  • Acting as the agent of victims to participate in criminal proceedings and initiate civil suits in conjunctions with criminal proceedings

  • Acting as the agent of the parties concerned in the report and accusation of criminal cases

  • Acting as the agent of the parties concerned to lodge criminal private prosecution

  • Providing training and consulting on prevention of criminal legal risks for enterprises and entrepreneurs, and prevention of crime by officials by taking advantage of their position

  • Criminal non-litigation services

  • Other criminally related legal services