Civil and Commercial Disputes Resolution is one of Landing’s global core businesses. Landing leverages its years of experience in domestic litigation and arbitration business in China, consistently focuses on the international field and teamwork, provides clients with convenient, timely and highly efficient solutions to civil and commercial affair disputes, and helps maintain clients’ good public opinion and customer trust. Landing has a strong legal team to handle commercial disputes. Several of the team’s lawyers have worked in universities and colleges, public security departments, procuratorate and the People's courts, arbitration institutions or international cooperation institutions. They have strong professional theoretical background and rich practical experience, and have successively handled a large number of major and difficult cases with broad social impact for multinational companies, financial institutions, foreign-funded enterprises, national organizations, enterprises, public institutions, and individuals. Landing is one of the few law offices to have handled several civil and commercial cases as an agent for the Supreme People’s Court of China, and has accumulated rich experience in handling cases at various international sports arbitral tribunals, International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Shanghai Branch, and Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen Arbitration Committees. Its service scope covers several industries. The team can provide clients with Chinese and English legal instruments, legal evidence, legal consulting, and other litigation and arbitration advice, pre-litigation legal investigation and analysis, legal services related to various kinds of litigation and arbitration, and optimal solutions. The team can help customers solve disputes efficiently. 

The specific services include:

  • Participating in commercial disputes, and disputes over enterprise operation and management as an agent of the enterprises

  • Handling civil disputes over the right to life, right to image, right of reputation, and right of honor, etc. in the right of personality as a client agent

  • Handling disputes over real estate registration, property protection, ownership, etc. in property rights disputes as a client agent

  • Handling disputes over mortgage right, pledge right, and lien right, etc. in the real rights granted by way of security as a client agent 

  • Handling disputes over improper interests, spontaneous agency, and intellectual property rights as an agent 

  • Handling disputes over finance, insurance, and letter of credit as an agent

  • Handling civil suit collateral for criminal proceedings as an agent

  • Handling disputes over various intellectual property rights as an agent

  • Handling disputes over the manufacturer's liability as an agent

  • Applying for the admittance and execution of court judgment and arbitration award cases as an agent