Family and Wealth Inheritance is one of Landing’s global core expertises. The team aims to provide the global middle-class and high-net-worth clients with the most optimal wealth management and inheritance plan design, helping clients realize safe operation of family enterprises and conservation of family capital, and assist financial institutions to improve customer service ability and domestic and overseas wealth planning ability. Marriage and family, family (enterprise) governance, inheritance planning, private wealth management (especially cross-border wealth planning) are overly complex and highly individual cases. Landing can provide clients with personalized solutions and optimization strategies by comprehensively applying many instruments such as premarital/marital property agreement, family agreement, assigned guardianship, offshore trust, domicile and identity change, tax planning, etc. The team has a good understanding of clients’ objectives and goals by gaining an in-depth knowledge of the client’s actual status, and make comprehensive arrangements for clients’ properties and inheritance goals through different legal instruments. The professional team is jointly established by some of China’s earliest expert lawyers in the field of family law, such as on cases related to marriage and inheritance, and the team has now set foot in the field of wealth inheritance. The team’s lawyers are all graduates from some of the top Chinese and international legal schools, and have rich legal experience in family law and wealth inheritance. Several of the team members have also worked in finance, insurance and foreign-related investment fields for many years, and can provide integrated and comprehensive wealth management and inheritance planning legal services for the middle class and high-net-worth clients. 

The major services include:

Premarital property planning
Settlement of marital crisis
Separation of properties and arrangements for child support in case of divorce
Cross-border marriage planning

Drafting and signing of last wills, and agreements on legacies and foster children
Execution of last wills
Cross-border inheritance of assets in China
Cross-border inheritance of overseas assets
Inheritance planning under global asset configuration

Educational inheritance program
Elderly guardianship and post-retirement care program
Family trust (including overseas family trust)
Domestic and overseas insurance planning
Domestic and overseas will planning

Taxation planning