Leveraging its strategic international layout and its extensive coverage through overseas offices established in many countries and regions such as India, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Los Angeles, and other countries along “The Belt and Road”, Landing Law Offices has developed unique advantages in the industry. Since its foundation, Landing’s internationalization strategy has stressed on cross-border legal services, and it has developed comprehensive strength in international investment and trade services. Landing’s Cross-Border Investment and Trade Team is comprised of Chinese lawyers who have studied and have experience practicing law overseas, and includes several international lawyers and senior consultants from Europe and the United States, and countries along “The Belt and Road”.

The team has expertise in applying international rules and international transaction practices in building an investment, financing and transaction architecture for clients. The team has extensive professional skills and experience, and in-depth knowledge of the legal system and regulatory environment of the host country/region, as well as of the investment environment. The team assists clients to accurately recognize, appraise and mitigate risks related to cross-border investment and trade, and provides effective legal solutions. The team provides comprehensive, high-efficiency, and internationalized legal services for cross-border investment and trade through its global strategic layout and international talent team. 

Our main services include:

  • Consultation and promotion of international investment, financing, merger & acquisition

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating international trade contracts

  • Investment and financing transaction structural design

  • Drafting and reviewing of legal instruments for overseas investments and investment negotiation

  • Appraisal of the legal environment and legal risks for domestic and overseas investment, merger & acquisition, and listing

  • Legal due diligence for domestic and overseas investment, merger & acquisition, and listing

  • Governmental examination and approval, filing, and registration procedures for cross-border investments

  • Support for operation compliance after merger & acquisition

  • Market access, trade barriers, technical standards, market exit strategy for target countries

  • Investigation on foreign trade rules and trade policies

  • Legal consulting on international taxation