Xiao Xu

Xiao Xu

Educational Background

Bachelor of Law, Nanjing University

Area of Expertise

Protection of Investors’ Rights and Interests, Asset Management


Lawyer Xiao XU is a senior partner of Shanghai Landing Law Offices, and a member of the Securities Business Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, and has the qualification to practice securities. He mainly deals with the businesses like securities, asset management, and major civil and commercial dispute resolution, etc.
Since practicing in 2006, lawyer Xiao XU has successively served as a member of the Research Committee on Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Legal Business, a member of the Research Committee on Corporate and Commercial Business, and a member of the Securities Committee of Shanghai Bar Association. In recent years, lawyer Xiao XU has formed a professional team, which is committed to the legal services on the protection of investors in securities market, as well as the research and practice of civil litigation on securities misrepresentation. He provides integrated legal services for the protection of small and medium-sized investors’ rights and interests, has extensive practical experience in handling the cases of dispute over fraud responsibility in securities market, and has represented many small and medium-sized investors to lodge civil litigation of securities misrepresentation against the illegal behavior subjects like listed companies, related responsible individuals, securities institutions, and certified public accountants, etc. 


Investors’ Rights and Interests Protection:
  • Represented hundreds of investors against listed companies which caused investment losses to small- and medium-sized investors for misrepresentation, including Zhejiang Sunriver Co.,Ltd., Jilin Jian Yisheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Founder Technology Group Co.,Ltd., and Founder Securities Co.,Ltd., etc., and recovered investment losses for a large number of small- and medium-sized investors.

  • Served as investors’ counsel in a commonweal case of disputes over responsibility for securities misrepresentation against China Security Co.,Ltd., in which the support litigation was lodged by China Securities Small- and Medium-Sized Investors Service Center.  

Settlement of major civil and commercial disputes:
  • In 2019, represented a medical technology limited company against its shareholders for the dispute over damaging corporate benefits;

  • In 2019, represented a trading company against a new energy technology company and its two shareholders for damages to the interests of the company's creditors;

  • In 2018, represented a biotechnology limited company against the shareholder of a technology limited company for disputes over investment;

  • In 2018, represented a network technology company against an industrial company for equity transfer disputes.